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  • Foundation of mnemonics
    Mnemonics is the art and science of memory improvement using various systems or devices. Mental image based mnemonics focuses on creating mental images to store and retrieve information. Imagination is a powerful tool, and the individual who studies and practices mnemonics can perform seemingly superhuman feats of information recall. Many have dabbled in mnemonics and […]
  • Introduction to mnemonics
    Memorization is an important part of the learning process. And for the Christian, putting scripture to memory should be a lifelong discipline. For most Christians, memorizing scripture is tedious and repetitive. This is because the art of memorization is not taught in most academic settings. However, there are ways to memorize information that are more […]
  • Welcome to Scripture Memory Power
    Photo by Bethany Laird on Unsplash Welcome to the “Scripture Memory Power” website. Although this site is currently under construction, you will still find valuable resources related to mental image based mnemonics. The purpose of this site is to provide a powerful resource for mental image based mnemonics applied to scripture memorization. This site will evolve into an […]